Greetings, I am 1337 Feet, As you are probably unaware i am in charge of GLaDOS among other things this is my first test...

I am proud of it.
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Yeh so I've finally finished a small part of the map SS_Wharehouse, aaaand I don't really have much to say and um- OH LOOK! PICTURES!!!!!!!.
Yesterday I began working on the first map of Safe Science.

Yes! That's right! Safe Science will have..... wait for it...


And to save you all time, I believe most of your actions would be closely related to what our freind Ghandi has to say.

He's down there BTW :D

Ner, see, ner.

"Cool Story Bro" - Ninja_beaver61 on the maps

Yeh so anyway, enjoy.
Due to all the material and sound modifications being on Ninja_Beaver61's computer, there won't be any videos on youtube until I can steal it.

Yes you heard me, steal it.

So hold on tight to something within a 1.46277214789185 Metre radius of yourself, because the videos will be coming soon.

HAHAAA! development post...