Safe science is back!
And all new strategy!
1337FEET here,Thanks to Valve and their newest release, Portal 2, there now seems to be no point to Safe Science, But! there are still more games to be modded, models to create and maps to make, so stay stuned for new mods which may contain parts from Safe science *nudge* *nudge*.
Dam that rogue Ai! it's destroyed everything even our Brains!
we now have nothing except what i did with GLaDOSs voice!
Now it isn't even a portal multiplayer mod!
Stay Prepped X-Tendo Klaws...

Hold fast...

We'll get through somehow...


[too serious a situation to insert a drug name here]
There is a poll however look!
Greetings, I am 1337 Feet, As you are probably unaware i am in charge of GLaDOS among other things this is my first test...

I am proud of it.
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Yeh so I've finally finished a small part of the map SS_Wharehouse, aaaand I don't really have much to say and um- OH LOOK! PICTURES!!!!!!!.
Yesterday I began working on the first map of Safe Science.

Yes! That's right! Safe Science will have..... wait for it...


And to save you all time, I believe most of your actions would be closely related to what our freind Ghandi has to say.

He's down there BTW :D

Ner, see, ner.

"Cool Story Bro" - Ninja_beaver61 on the maps

Yeh so anyway, enjoy.
Due to all the material and sound modifications being on Ninja_Beaver61's computer, there won't be any videos on youtube until I can steal it.

Yes you heard me, steal it.

So hold on tight to something within a 1.46277214789185 Metre radius of yourself, because the videos will be coming soon.

HAHAAA! development post...
If you have been following my Steam posts, you may have noticed me mentioning an AI running through our systems, well, I do believe that I have found proof of it's existence.

Yesterday, I found that something was trying to initiate a Test Subject Protocol which creates cakes, this lead me to believe that something was trying to input their own work into our mod.

No changes have been seen as of yet, however I will keep an eye out for anything strange.

In the mean time, modding will continue this sunday, with the sounds nearly finished.

Have fun you lot.

 - Cherios
This is the beggining of something amazing, where real life creates virtual, where real meets unreal, and where 1337FEET can bloody well STOP TELLING ME HOW TO MOD THINGS!!!!!!!!

Yeh, so anyway, I will be posting those updates I mentioned here, along with links and videos and all that.

So, to commemorate my first post, I will be including the link to the X-Tendo Klaws' Youtube Page, which is right here: